Stains on your carpet aren’t just an annoyance.  They can effect the entire look of your interior space and the mood of everyone living inside.

A regular vacuum cleaning schedule is a must, and, since we are a carpet cleaning company after all, so is a regularly scheduled professional carpet cleaning.

But there are things you can do yourselves to clean up those sudden unexpected carpet stain mishaps. I mean, you can’t afford to call in a professional carpet cleaner into your house every time Spot has an accidental tinkle in the corner or your least favourite Uncle Merv, performing his patented Clumsy Drunk Guy Carrying A Case of Cheap Red Wine Falls Over act, falls over with a case of cheap red wine.

(Although if you can afford to call in a professional carpet cleaner each time that happens, here’s a link to a carpet cleaner that we happen to know.)

So, we’ve decided to list out a few regular and annoying carpet stain clauses and how you can best fix them yourselves

1. Red Wine

Why not start with Uncle Merv’s famous party trick – spilling red wine.

You’ll want to get onto this as quickly as possible. If it’s a choice between helping Uncle Merv off the ground and checking if he has a concussion, and running to your kitchen to get some water and paper towels … run to the kitchen. Uncle Merv will be fine. Probably.

You’ll want to get to the stain while it is still wet. Soak up as much of the wine with a white cloth, or paper towel. Blot the stain. NEVER scrub it, and always work from the outside in to make sure the stain doesn’t spread further outwards.

Once you are happy you have gotten rid of as much of the wine as you can, you can use plain water (or if you have it, a mixture of 1 tablespoon each of dishwashing detergent and white vinegar per two cups of warm water), and, here’s the word again, blot the stain until the spot is finally gone.

2. Coffee

Perhaps by now, Uncle Merv is not allowed into the liquor cabinet any more, and his choice of drink is now Coffee. The problem is, Uncle Merv is just as clumsy trying to get sober as he is drunk.

So what do you do once the inevitable happens and there is now a great big steaming coffee puddle in the middle of the living room carpet, and a groaning, hungover man trying to pick himself up?

Well, like with the red wine stain, you’ll want to get on to cleaning up the coffee stain as quickly as possible. Ignore Uncle Merv’s pleas for help to get to his feet – he’ll be fine – and race for the kitchen. Find some paper towels, and whip up a water/vinegar solution.

Once again, blot at the stain. Don’t scrub it. Work from the outside towards the centre. Try and get as much of the stain cleaned up as possible. There’ll likely still be a brownish tinge to the carpet, so get that solution or detergent you made earlier, and spray it on to the stain. Just a little bit at a time, and keeping blotting as your spray.

3. Pet Stains

So, you’ve sent your Uncle Merv home with strict instructions to never call, write or visit again. You return to your living room only to find that your dog Spot has had a nervous wee in the corner. (He was always a nervous dog, and tonight’s excitement has been a bit much for him.)

Once again, your saviour is the paper tower and your ability to only blot, but not scrub. You’ll want to get rid of as much of the stain as possible. Again, blot, don’t scrub, as scrubbing will push the liquid deeper, and it will become far more difficult to remove the stain and the odour that comes from it.

Once you’ve removed as much of the stain as possible, you’ll want to get a water/vinegar solution prepared (or water and dishwashing liquid for more heavy stains), and the blotting dance begins once again.

You may want to spray the water onto the accident area, and just let it sit for a little while, before you blot.

But if you do that, just try it out on a hidden piece of carpet first, just to check that the solution doesn’t cause their own issues.

4. Blood

Ok, Uncle Merv has gone home, never to return, and Spot is spending more time in the back yard. Who can we blame for this example?

On cue, your second-favourite child comes into the living room with a cut finger and a trail of blood on the carpet.

Typical, you think.

You race to the kitchen, and after getting a band-aide for that kid, you think about what you need to clean up the blood.

Firstly, spray on some cold water. This is important. The water should be cold, as warm and hot water will make the blood coagulate and set in place

And now … yes, it’s that time again! … you blot. Don’t over saturate the area with water, as the water will dilute the blood and spread it. If cold water isn’t doing the trick, add a touch of washing up liquid.

And just keep spraying and blotting, until it is gone.

Look, spills happen. Whether you have an Uncle Merv or a wee-happy dog or a bleeding child or not, spills will happen. To prevent permanent stains, you need to get onto cleaning it up as quickly as possible. Your first line of defence will often be the trusty paper towel.

And say it after me! Always blot, never scrub.

But even with quick and appropriate reaction, sometimes stains will still remain behind. And that’s when talking to a professional carpet cleaning becomes your best option. Carpet cleaners are able to get deep into the carpet fibre to ensure that the stain is removed in its entirety. 

And sometimes that’s just what it takes to actually get rid of the stain once and for all.